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Together for Curaçao

Carmabi education 
Preferred Partner of the month February


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Our goal:

We are going to work, through international knowledge exchange, to expand teaching programs about sustainability in schools on Curacao.

Why is Carmabi education partnering with Water Refill Program Curaçao?

Carmabi Education is convinced that Nature and Environmental Education is more than one lesson or one excursion. Teaching our youth about their own environment and raising awareness can be done in diverse ways and must be a continuing process through their childhood. By seeking cooperation with other organizations, Nature and Environmental Education and raising awareness on the island becomes more interesting and challenging.


And connecting people and ideas is exactly what The Water Refill Program does. So Carmabi Education is happy with the collaboration and new possibilities.

Carmabi education 

By creating and implementing nature and environmental school programs (nature and environmental education) in the field and in the classroom, the Education Department supports sustainable development of the island. The aim is to offer programs in such a way that the target group absorbs information and as a result behavioral change takes place. 


In addition to the educational excursions, we make teaching materials, differing in didactic approach, and working method. This is distributed among the schools and is freely accessible on the website 


The educational excursions for Funderend Onderwijs (FO/ primary education) include programs aimed at terrestrial nature and marine nature. Every year, a total of 10,000-12,000 students from Primary Education participate in the excursions. Part of the activities for Primary Education is a school visit program in which we offer the 'micro-world' program with microscopes. The programs are constantly being adapted and/or expanded and new programs are created. For example, a mangrove teaching program has been developed for the new Mangrove Park in Otrobanda, suitable for children for group 7 of primary education. 


For secondary education, there is the education program 'Environmental Challenges', which focuses on our wastewater and the influence on the (marine) environment. The program is currently being expanded and will be offered on a structural basis to students in secondary education (vsbo, HAVO, VWO). This is possible through external donors and through a donation and involvement of the D-bottle. 


Carmabi Education also offers (digital) teaching materials. This includes info sheets, lesson letters, info videos, posters, educational games and teaching materials such as 'Coral Heroes' and 'Nos Medio Ambiente (Our environment)'. In addition, newspaper articles are provided for a wider audience and activities such as hikes/ walks and movie nights are offered.


Water Refill Program Curaçao and Carmabi education forces to adopt a sustainble goal together

The 'Water Refill Program Curaçao' started out as a pilot in June 2019. During the lockdown, D-TAP Foundation has converted their findings into a renewed policy. Through the 'Water Refill Program', there is a broader commitment to a more sustainable Curaçao, both short term and long term. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations became the compass of the program.


Core values of the program are:
1. Environmental protection

2. Social development

3. Economic Development

Image by Syd Sujuaan

Scan & Go 

D-TAP water bottle

  • Find your nearest Refill station with the QR codes

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  • Hire a 100% electric car with the QR codes

  • Keep informed of 'up to date' island info (with the QR codes)

  • The map on the bottle guides you through Willemstad

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  • Your water stays ice cold for up to 24 hrs and hot for up to 12 hrs

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  • Worldwide refill program

  • We donate 5% to Green Phenix Curaçao 

A more sustainable Curaçao

This water refill program is one of the strongest sustainable programs in tourism. Connection is key in achieving a healthier and happier world.


The newly designed  'D-TAP Curaçao bottle' is the best way to discover the city on a sustainable way.  Ideal for travelers, nomads, and explorers. Scan & go, buy tickets, receive route directions and explore all Curaçao highlights. 

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Charity partner

Green Phenix our Charity Partner for Curaçao 2021!

Groene Phenix is ​​a social enterprise that converts plastic waste into new useful products and creates a circular economy in the Caribbean. Their service helps to create new jobs in Curaçao while reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and the environment

Where to buy or to refill your bottle in Curaçao

Scan or click 
to find your nearest refill location 


Kokolishi  special edition 2021


Every city or country has it own special edition design bottle, designed by a local artist or illustrator. With this special edition bottle we want to create awarenesses for their work and art sector. Art is a vital element for our community. It strengthens local economies and creates jobs for people who care about the community. It is a great way for people  to learn about (their) culture, enjoy artistic experiences, support the  economy and being sustainable by using a reusable water bottle. 

Local art  

CARMABI education
Charity partner special edition

By purchasing the special edition D-TAP water bottle from Curaçao you. donate to CARMABI education. They informs school children about the importance of nature and our environment and the protection, conservation and sustainable development of the island. They do so by providing programs in the field, in the classroom, providing educational materials for schools and make information accessible for the youth.


Our donation will be used to expand the school education program for local children in the Savonet Museum located in “Landhuis Savonet” inside the Christoffel Park.

Image by Syd Sujuaan

Our other Preffered Partners in Curaçao


Robbin Vogels (Avila Beach Hotel), Yvette Bakker- Kloos (D-Bottle), Robert de Wolf (TUI), Michael de Sola (MCB Bank), Giselle McWilliam (parlementslid), Jetti Kromkamp (Dolphin Suites), Eva Meijer (Morena Eco Resort), Cor Hameete (Carmabi education), Kris Bouwstra (Dynaf), Sabine Berendse (Green Phenix) en Lara Melkert (D-Bottle). 

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By working together we contribute to 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on Curaçao
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