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Children Cleaning Beach

"We believe in the power of giving

and the power of working together

to provide an outlet for positive change"

Our impact

Water Refill Program D-TAP Foundation aims to bring  positive energy to our world.  Connect humanity and pass this on, because everyone has a story to share and let these stories inspire us all. 


By purchasing a D-TAP water bottle, you’re supporting local economy (reseller) and we donate 5% of our revenue to a local charity towards education of children for reuse and environmental organizations. We bring all parties from our communities together and search for a win-win situation (starting points;  awareness for reuse, in house sustainability policy, environmental education, stimulate to drink water for a good health) for each participant in the program.

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Our goals

Good health 

With the  program we want to support people to drink more water

for  good health. 


We donate 5% of our revenue to local non-profit organizations dedicated to the conservation of endangered animals, ecological research , environmental education for children, and create awareness for reuse, reduce and recycle.

Local economy

Every reseller of the bottle earns a reseller margin, this increases their income and positive interaction with sustainability.

working together

 The program empowers the whole community for working together for a sustainable and healthier world. We bring all parties from our communities together and search for a win-win for each participant in the program in their own field and their own capabilities.

Our educational partnerships


Program Curaçao

Green Phenix is een sociale onderneming die plastic afval omzet in nieuwe bruikbare producten en een circulaire economie creëert in het Caribisch gebied.

Hun service helpt om nieuwe banen op Curaçao te creëren en tegelijkertijd de hoeveelheid plastic die op de stortplaats en in het milieu terechtkomt te verminderen

Green Phenix - Creating a circular econo

CARMABI Education

Special edition bottle Curaçao

By purchasing the special edition D-TAP water bottle from Curaçao you. donate to NME CARMABI. They informs school children about the importance of nature and our environment and the protection, conservation and sustainable development of the island. They do so by providing programs in the field, in the classroom, providing educational materials for schools and make information accessible for the youth.



Program Rotterdam

Natuurstad Rotterdam provides nature and environmental lessons at schools, children's farms and educational gardens. For every age category there is a choice of various lessons, in which experiencing, discovering and learning are central in a playful way.

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Program Schiedam 

ThThe NME center is visited annually by thousands of primary school students. At their own level, these students receive lessons on nature and environment related topics. The aim of the lessons is to make students aware of their immediate surroundings and to make them realize that we have to treat our nature and the environment well.


"Plastic doesn’t go away, it’s stays in our environment for centuries. Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists. It doesn’t break down – it only breaks up, becoming smaller and smaller until it eventually becomes microplastic".

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