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Naar wie wil jij liefde sturen op Curaç


Rotterdam water refill program


This water refill program is one of the strongest sustainable programs in tourism. Connection is key in achieving a healthier and happier world.

The 'D-TAP Rotterdam water bottle' is the best way to discover the city on a sustainable way.  Discover the city with the QR codes. Ideal for travelers, nomads, and explorers. Scan & go, buy your tickets, receive route directions and explore all Rotterdam highlights. 



Together for a more sustainable Rotterdam

Our mission is to reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles in Rotterdam and support the community to work together for a more sustainable Rotterdam. June 2019 we took the next step in our mission by starting this unique water refill program in Curaçao, april 2020 in Schiedam and  april 2021  in Rotterdam

Every Water Refill Program has it own designed bottle which is characteristic of this destination. 


April 2021 we introduced the Rotterdam bottle. This bottle has the map of Rotterdam with all the highlights on it and 3 QR codes to discover the city.  


We make it easy to find unpackaged, clean water in Rotterdam, so that as long as you have your reusable 'D-TAP' bottle, you never have to buy bottled water again. 


Scan & Go

Discover Rotterdam in a more sustainable way!



  • Find your nearest Refill station with the QR codes

  • Buy tickets with the QR codes 

  • Quick access to timetables of public transport with the QR codes

  • Keep informed of 'up to date' city info (with the QR codes)

  • The map on the bottle guides you in Rotterdam 

  • Explore the best Instagram Spots in Rotterdam

  • Your water stays ice cold for up to 24 hrs and hot for up to 12 hrs

  • The best gift or souvenir to bring home 

  • Worldwide refill program

  • We donate 5% to Natuurstad Rotterdam

Interactive water bottle 

Water Refill Program Rotterdam has the D-TAP map bottle with three QR codes. This bottle keeps your water up to 24 hrs cold an 12 hrs hot. It can be (re)filled with water (for free or a small fee) which can be found with the QR code at different locations in the city like hotels, museum, restaurants and shops,  think Google maps for water!



Charity partner Rotterdam

Natuurstad Rotterdam provides nature and environmental lessons at schools, children's farms and educational gardens. For every age category there is a choice of various lessons, in which experiencing, discovering and learning are central in a playful way.

Image by Arthur V.
Rotterdam Architecture

Scan or click 

to find your nearest refill location 


Forest Trail
By working together we contribute to 9 of
the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Rotterdam
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