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Image by Davey Heuser


Schiedam water refill program



This water refill program is one of the strongest sustainable programs in tourism. Connection is key in achieving a healthier and happier world.

The 'D-TAP Schiedam water bottle' is the best way to discover the city on a sustainable way. Ideal for travelers, nomads, and explorers. 



Our mission is to reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles in Schiedam and support the community to work together for a more sustainable Schiedam. June 2019 we took the next step in our mission by starting this unique water refill program in Curaçao. April 2020 we started in Schiedam.

Every Water Refill Program has it own designed bottle which is characteristic of this destination. 


April 2021 we introduced the Schiedam Blue bottle deigned by artist Jaques Tange. 


Schiedam Blue Bottle 

The story behind 

The story - the origin of "Schiedams Blue" by artist Jacques Tange.


While making a design for a candlestick in Delft blue, I noticed that my Delft blue paint supply had run out. I wasn't in the mood for going to the paint shop, I started mixing myself and manufactured a blue that is close to Delft Blue but has a more attractive appearance by adding a 'dot' of red. I named this blue out of love for my home town 'Schiedam's blauw' or for the tourist Schiedam Blue. Later I found out that Schiedam blue had existed for a short time in the past. That is why we have revived the name Schiedam's blauw under the name Schiedam Blue.

Local art 

Schiedam has it own local art design D-TAP water bottle designed by Jacques Tange. With this collaboration we want to create more awarenesses for this artist and the art sector in Schiedam. Art is a vital element for our community. It strengthens local economies and creates jobs for people who care about the community. It is a great way for people to learn about culture, enjoy artistic experiences, support the  economy.  

Where to refill your bottle in Schiedam 

Image by Davey Heuser

Scan or click 

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Where to buy your bottle in Schiedam

By working together we contribute to 9 of
the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Schiedam
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